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CLIL Teaching in English: confident and effective classroom communication

Want to improve your confidence in English? The CLIL Teaching in English workshop will equip you with the language skills you need for natural, effective communication and classroom management in English. Learn how to create the ideal environment for your pupils to improve their English as well. We’ll focus on:

  • using correct classroom phrases and vocabulary
  • maximising clarity and structure
  • avoiding common mistakes


Want to focus on the content of your classes without having to worry about your English? This one-day workshop covers some important language-related aspects of CLIL teaching in English that will increase your confidence and make your lessons more effective.

To teach your lessons clearly and effectively, you’ll need to use classroom phrases and vocabulary that are correct and natural. The workshop includes lots of exercises and activities to help you practise using typical classroom phrases for giving instructions, setting homework, giving encouragement, and so on.  You’ll receive a Dutch-English list of classroom vocabulary, such as ‘continuous assessment’, ‘invigilate’, etc., which we’ll work through together. The course materials will also include a list of phrases your pupils might need to use (e.g. ‘When is the homework due?’).

Referring to structure explicitly makes it easier for your pupils to follow and remember your lessons. We’ll practise using a variety of linking words and signposts that will guide your pupils through your lessons (e.g. ‘Having looked at […], let’s now move on to […]’; ‘On the contrary’).

We’ll also give you the chance to improve your English proficiency: the workshop will include lots of awareness-raising exercises and activities to help you avoid making typical mistakes in English. We’ll focus on typical grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation pitfalls that are often encountered by Dutch speakers in a teaching context (e.g. ‘do vs. *make homework’, ‘One in three pupils do vs. *does not know […]’).

By the end of the workshop, you’ll feel more at ease and proficient while teaching in English, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment.


You will:

  • extend your range of classroom vocabulary and phrases
  • improve your pronunciation
  • get a list of phrases your pupils can use
  • refresh your memory of some grammar rules
  • learn to avoid typical Dutchisms
  • extend your use of lesson signposts and linking phrases
  • receive a list of useful URLs for additional support



Intended for CLIL teachers with upper-intermediate (B2) level or higher in English. Other teachers who use English in class and would like to improve, e.g. lateral-entry teachers (zijinstromers) of English, are welcome to join the workshop as well.


Linguapolis language teachers take a coaching role, providing a rich learning environment with lots of learning opportunities and constructive feedback. The workshop will be taught by a qualified, experienced, near-native or native English-speaking teacher.


Cursuscode: 24/TAL/054A

Cursusmateriaal en lunch inbegrepen

Jouw bijdrage: 132 EUR.
Inlichtingen bij: Tamara Bonne, 03 265 29 89, tamara.bonne@uantwerpen.be

Datum Beginuur Einduur Locatie
donderdag 8 mei 2025 09:30u 16:30u Universiteit Antwerpen, Campus Drie Eiken, Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Wilrijk, Gebouw D (parking P2), lokaal D.024 (gelijkvloers)

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