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Teaching vocational students: a vocation (arbeidsmarktfinaliteit)

Do you, as a vocational teacher, feel like you're moving mountains or pushing stones up steep slopes? If so, you're not alone. Teaching vocational students can be a challenging but rewarding career. But sometimes, it can feel like you're banging your head against a brick wall. That's where this course comes in. We'll talk about the challenges of teaching vocational students, but we'll also talk about a way forward.


You'll get some ideas on how to:

  • motivate your students;
  • manage classroom behavior;
  • teach to different learning styles;
  • assess your students' progress;
  • compare notes with other teachers.

We’ll work in pairs and in groups. You’ll get time to work with other teachers in the same situation.

By the end of this course, you'll leave with more and better ideas about how to teach your vocational students. You'll also gain the confidence to know that you can do this job, even when it feels tough. You won't need to buy a new handbook or subscribe to a new teaching method. You'll work with what you've got, but you'll do it with a bit more confidence.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • describe the unique characteristics of vocational students, including their motivations, learning styles, and career goals;
  • identify strategies for teaching vocational students effectively;
  • develop lesson plans that are relevant and engaging for vocational students;
  • identify common classroom management challenges and develop strategies for addressing them;
  • create a safe and positive learning environment for all students;
  • reflect on their own teaching practice and develop a plan for improvement;
  • develop lesson plans that are aligned with the curriculum and appropriate for the needs of vocational students;
  • review existing lesson plans and identify areas for improvement.


You’re a passionate and dedicated English teacher who teaches vocational pupils.


Jo Prinsen is a passionate English teacher. Her experience working with youth theater projects in Belfast has given her a deep understanding of how to motivate and inspire students. In her classroom, she fosters a collaborative and supportive environment where students can learn and grow through laughter, creativity, and critical thinking. Jo's classes are known for being engaging and informative, she's a big believer in laughter and working with pupils’ own creativity in the classroom. She now combines her job as a teaching assistant at the University of Antwerp with an English teaching assignment in the third grade at IMS, where she mostly teaches vocational students.


Cursuscode: 23/ENG/038A

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Jouw bijdrage: 66 EUR.
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Laptop, pens, notebook, a few of your lessons or the coursebook you would like to work with.

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woensdag 20 maart 2024 09:00u 12:00u Universiteit Antwerpen, Boogkeers 5 (aan het Mechelseplein), 2000 Antwerpen, lokaal 103 (eerste verdieping)

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